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yaktest: a wee testing framework for C++

yaktest is a small (just a few K) library for C++ which consists of three classes:
  • test_case, the base class for all test cases
  • test_problem, a problem description for a failed test
  • test_result, a collection of problems and successes
A fourth class, text_test_interpreter, takes the test_result data and spews it to stdout. The test results are in Emacs-compatible form, ie


...so by adding a simple make target, you can just compile from emacs, use "make test" for the compile target, and get a nice automated test; using "next-error", you can move directly to the trouble spot. It's a simple way of doing things, but fairly effective; in the first few days of using it, I've already uncovered a few hidden bugs.

Sample Output

Here's the sample output from the test_point program, included with the distribution.

Test output begins; number of tests: 13

Successes: 7

Failures: 6
test_case_point.cpp:17:Equality failed.  Got (2, 2), expected (1, 2)
test_case_point.cpp:26:Equality failed.  Got (2, 2), expected (1, 2)
test_case_point.cpp:36:"top_left_point == test_equal_point" evaluated to false.
test_case_point.cpp:58:Equality failed.  Got (12, 22), expected (11, 22)
test_case_point.cpp:68:Equality failed.  Got (8, 18), expected (9, 18)
test_case_point.cpp:77:Equality failed.  Got (6, 6), expected (4, 6)

Errors: 0


yaktest comes in a standard .tar.gz format and source/binary RPMS. You can download yaktest from the sourceforge project page at http://sourceforge.net/projects/yaktest.

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